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Many of our clients wish to either work in Gibraltar and live in Spain or have homes in both jurisdictions. In the past it was all too easy to live under the radar in Spain and pay lower taxes in Gibraltar even if you were exceeding the 183 day period for tax residency in Spain. However, since the introduction of Common Reporting Standards Spain and Gibraltar have been exchanging tax and financial information with each other and a Treaty has now been ratified between the two countries setting out new residency conditions which could affect you if you have previously been tax resident in Spain but now wish to move permanently to Gibraltar.

We are able to give you first hand advice on the specific cross border tax issues between Spain and Gibraltar and how you can establish residency in either jurisdiction without falling foul of the authorities. We will help you be tax compliant in the correct jurisdiction for your circumstances and then show you the best way to mitigate tax and keep more of your hard- earned income or capital.

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