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Are you thinking of relocating your business to Gibraltar or establishing a new company in the territory? With easy access to the UK and Europe and with a pool of skilled and talented workers Gibraltar might just be the place to establish your business. The headline corporation tax rate is one of the lowest in Western Europe and there are special tax incentives available to help attract highly skilled executives to the territory.

Social security rates are modest and both dividend tax and income taxes are relatively low. Whilst business accommodation is sometimes hard to find recent new developments such as the World Trade Centre have eased the pressure on businesses looking for new premises.

We provide a comprehensive service for businesses looking to relocate or establish themselves in Gibraltar. We will help you establish your company here and get you up and running. With the help of our affiliates we can provide you with all the legal and technical support needed to form a local company, help you find suitable premises and provide ongoing financial advice both on an individual and corporate basis.

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