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Starting a new life abroad should be exhilarating, rich with opportunities and new beginnings. Yet, the daunting task of navigating complex taxes and financial regulations abroad can quickly overshadow this excitement. Suddenly, the need for expert guidance from an experienced expatriate wealth manager is essential, to help you turn this potential tax and retirement planning nightmare into a smooth and stress-free process.

Choosing a trusted advisor to lead you through this stage can feel risky when it’s your dreams and hard-won achievements hanging in the balance. You can’t afford to get this wrong now. Your success, built on years of hard work, demands the right support - ensuring your tax planning is optimised and your financial well-being is as secure as it would be with a trusted advisor back home.

No expatriate should miss out on opportunities because they unknowingly followed poor tax advice or retirement planning advice from an advisor who failed to understand your unique financial situation. At Fiduciary Wealth Management, we never underestimate the significance of this responsibility and always take time to fully understand your needs first and foremost.

It’s why relationships come first with us. We believe you should have complete confidence that your financial advisor is always looking after your best interests. We are solution driven so people choose our service for the right reasons and develop relationships with us that are authentic. Money matters are personal after all, so feeling at ease with your wealth manager is, we believe, a critical part of the process.

Our clients choose our specialist expatriate tax, retirement, financial planning and wealth management service because:

You’re never just an account number. Our customers receive an attentive and personal service. We take time to simplify complicated financial matters, so you have a clear understanding of our recommendations.

In fact, our commitment to excellence is industry-renowned. At the end of 2023, Fiduciary Wealth Management was named ‘Best International Wealth Management Practice of the Year’ by MGI Worldwide. But you don’t have to take our word for it – you can see for yourself on Trustpilot where our service is rated 4.9/5.

We are not a fly-by-night firm that will be gone when you need them most. We’re affiliated with ISOLAS, Gibraltar’s longest standing, Band 1 law firm, established in 1892 and are a member firm of MGI Worldwide - a top 20 ranked network of independent accounting, tax, legal and consulting firms.

We are completely independent and are not bound by corporate restrictions. We have unrestricted access to a wide range of products including niche ones that may be far better suited to your particular needs. We never present strategies and products to you unless they are ideally suited to your unique personal circumstances.

Our customer-focused approach has been refined having listened to what matters most to our clients. This dedication has resulted in a service that offers complete transparency and peace of mind at every level. Our fees are clear and straightforward. As a result, our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they need to.

We’re always on hand as you’re sounding board when you have questions around any tax optimisation, wealth management or retirement planning decisions you may face.

Discovery Meeting

First, let’s make sure we’re a good fit for each other. In this 15-minute call you can let us know what support you’re looking for and we’ll explain whether we can provide the right service for you.

Start Your Journey Now

Three steps to starting your new life outside of the UK, with your money matters in safe hands.

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Don’t get caught out by tax complications when settling abroad. Kickstart your financial journey with confidence with a one-on-one consultation. This 60-minute session with one of our expert financial advisers is your opportunity to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. You may ask any specific questions and receive bespoke advice on your specific financial position. Let us help you tailor a strategy that aligns perfectly with your personal and financial goals and optimizes your tax position.

Invest in your future for just £350
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Based on what you want from life, we’ll define your unique goals and put together a bespoke strategy roadmap to ensure your relocation is smooth and your finances remain on track with where you want them to be.

Investment: £1,500
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We’ll put your financial strategy to work and review it regularly – so you can relax knowing your finances are moving you towards your goals.

Price on Application: Our costs depend on the complexity of the work undertaken, the level of expertise required, the length of time it takes to produce the desired outcome and the size of your investment.

Get in Touch

You’ve too much at stake to leave your financial matters in the wrong hands. Schedule a call today with our team of advisers for a completely independent plan which is tailored to optimise your tax position abroad and gives you the financial peace you deserve.


Don't take our word for it - see what our satisfied clients have to say:


Discover the Benefits of Relocating to Gibraltar

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Moving To Gibraltar From UK

If you are one of the many Britons or foreign nationals looking to establish a home in a new jurisdiction outside of your home country you may well be tempted by what Gibraltar has to offer in terms of Gibraltar residency options. Located at the southern tip of Europe with views across the straits to Africa, Gibraltar is a self-governing British overseas territory where English law, language and currency prevail. Gibraltar has a thriving economy with many employed in gaming, financial services and more latterly a swathe of different digital technology companies yet still manages to retain the feel of a provincial English town albeit with the benefit of a Mediterranean climate and considerably more hours of sunshine than anywhere in the UK.

Gibraltar Residency Options For British Expats

Less fashionable than Monaco or Switzerland perhaps Gibraltar offers a wide range of Gibraltar residency options to suit both entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and retirees.

Fiduciary Wealth has been helping Expatriates relocate to Gibraltar for the last ten years. Our membership of MGI Worldwide with CPA Associates International provides access to a global network and association of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms represented by almost 10,000 Professionals in some 460 locations across over 100 countries with a combined global revenue of approximately $900M. This together with our close affiliation with Isolas, Gibraltar's longest standing, Band 1 law firm, established in 1892 means we can offer clients a comprehensive residency service that encompasses tax and legal advice. 

Moving to Gibraltar

If you are looking for professional  advice on how to change your residential status to Gibraltar you have come to the right place.


We are closely affiliated with ISOLAS, Gibraltar’s longest standing, Band 1 law firm, established in 1892.

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We are a member firm of MGI Worldwide with CPAAI, Associates International a top 20 ranked network of independent accounting, tax, legal and consulting firms. Established in 1947, MGI Worldwide is represented by almost 10,000 Professionals in some 460 locations across over 100 countries with a combined global revenue of approximately $900M.

MGI Best Wealth Management Firm of the Year 2023
MGI International Winner 2023 Award image

Fiduciary Wealth is honoured to announce our recognition as the recipient of the MGI Worldwide 2023 Best International Wealth Management Practice of the Year Award. As an acclaimed financial advisory firm, we are committed to addressing the financial needs of the English-speaking community around the globe with unparalleled expertise and dedication.


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Welcome to your ‘Personal Finance Portal’ which allows you to log in from anywhere, at any time, using any device, to overview and manage your total net worth from a secure central online location.

Features include:

  • Complete overview of all your assets including bank accounts, properties, credit card balances as well as pensions, savings and investments; on a live basis.
  • Cloud based document storage area to keep all your financial documents in a secure location.
  • A fully encrypted messaging service which is safe and convenient.
  • Secure messaging centre for investment alerts, research information and relevant market news.


FWM’s Personal Finance Portal is available to clients and non-clients alike. To gain access to our app please click the button below to register.



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